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An overview of all courses of studies for Special Education

The Leibniz University of Hanover offers three different courses of studies at the Institute for Special Education. Apart from the polyvalent Bachelor program “Special Education”, the institute also offers the possibility of studying the teacher training Master program “Education Studies for Special Education” (M.Ed.) and the non-teaching-based Master program “Special Education and Rehabilitation Studies” (M.A.).

Important: Changes in offers of courses of studies

Persons interested in Special Education can apply to enroll in this Bachelor program, which has existed since Winter Semester 2005/2006.

The admission to the practice-oriented Master program “Education Studies for Special Education” or to the research-oriented Master program “Special Education and Rehabilitation Studies” has been possible since Winter Semester 2008/2009. The qualifications of the previous courses of studies (Education Studies and Diploma Special Education) became part of the new courses of studies. Therefore, an admission to these courses of studies is no longer possible. Regulations, advice, forms and links for further information about the ending courses of studies are available on the web site “Documents for Download“.

General information about the structure of the new courses of studies

The study of the Bachelor and Master program consists of continually offered and obligatory Module (moduls), which can extend over the course of several semesters. Module contain courses that are thematically related to each other (e.g. lectures, seminars, tutorials). With each course of a Modul, Leistungspunkte (LP) (credit points) are to be gained. These LP constitute a measure for the respective input; i.e. they indicate how much time has to be spent on average in order to complete the courses successfully including time for preparation and post-processing. On average, 30 Leistungspunkte should be gained each semester, which should correspond to 40 working hours per week throughout the year (except for holidays) (1 Leistungspunkt= 30 working hours). Thus, the courses of studies are drafted as a full time study. It is necessary to complete assessment tasks in the individual courses (the so-called Studienleistungen), which are not graded. These tasks can consist of active participation, short presentations, records of lectures etc. They attest the successful participation in the respective lecture. Furthermore, each Modul is completed by a Prüfungsleistung, which will be graded (e.g. a written test, a term paper, an oral examination). The overall grade of the course of studies results from the grades of the individual exams in the respective Module and the grade of the Bachelor or Master thesis.

Detailed information

Detailed information on the course of studies for Special Education (on content and structure of the course of studies, professional perspectives and requirements for access) can be found here: