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"Cooperation between teachers and special education teachers in an inclusive classroom."
Cornelsen Stiftung Lehren und Lernen
Team: Prof. Dr. Rolf Werning, Ann-Kathrin Arndt, Fatma Usanmaz M.A.
Health education and support in elementary schooling. Development of body perception, health concepts and theories regarding kindergarten and familyTeam: Prof. Dr. Rolf Werning, Prof. Dr. U. Walter, Prof. Dr. M. L. Dierks, Dr. M. Urban, Dipl.-Sozialwiss. Roswitha Stöcker, Dipl.-Gesundheitsw. Elena Sterdt 
Interest development of children from socio-culturally disadvantaged families in transfer from kindergarten to elementary school
Sponsors: Department of Science and Culture
Team: Prof. Dr. Rolf Werning, Dipl.-Psych. Michael Lichtblau, Fatma Usanmaz M.A., Dipl.-Sozialwiss. Sören Thoms
Research project “Potentials of all-day support schools (focus: learning) regarding the optimisation of the relation between family and school – while taking into consideration the positive ways of influencing parental education competences for the support of learning at school”; sponsored by Federal Department of Education and Research within the framework of the intervention program “Future and Education and Support”
Team: Prof. Dr. Rolf Werning , Dr. Michael Urban, Dipl.-Soz. Kapriel Meser
“Learning and development processes of socio-economically challenged children in transfer from kindergarten to elementary school”; sponsored by Lower Saxony State Department of Science and Culture within the framework of the Lower Saxony Research Federation Early Childhood Education and DevelopmentTeam: Prof. Dr. Rolf WerningDr. Michael Urban, Ann-Kathrin Arndt, Antje Rothe M.A., Dipl.-Psych. Michael Lichtblau
Integration in children's day-care facilities as a key to participation. Transfer project in cooperation with the state work group of the parents' initiative in Lower Saxony/Bremen. Sponsored by Lower Saxony Institute of Early Childhood Education and Development Team: Dr. Timm Albers , Prof. Dr. Tanja Jungmann, Prof. Dr. Bettina Lindmeier